The association « Laeken Découverte » aims to :

promote sustainable and inclusive citizen of Laeken by all means contributing in that territory in social cohesion, particularly through the (re) discovery, development and defense of its heritage;

« Laeken Découverte » association offers guided tours for groups upon request about the Royal Greenhouses and the cemetery of Laeken, two highlights that any tourist interested in the royal heritage of Brussels should discover.

2 July - Laeken in comics
Bike tour of the comics walls of Laeken

Discover by bike your favourite comics heroes

9 July - The Gardener King
The private parks and gardens of Leopold II
16 July - Une nécropole romantique
The cemetery of Laeken, the two churches and the royal crypt

This graveyard is often compared with the Père Lachaise in Paris. the following features to offer like its underground passageways, the medieval church (built in 1275) and its abundance of sculptural art, an authentic ‘Thinker’ by Rodin , numerous creations of the Salu ‘dynasty’ of sculptors and the tombs of great figures.

22 July - Spécial marché
Autour du marché Bockstael

Venez faire votre marché tout en découvrant l’histoire du marché de la place Bockstael et de ses alentours. GRATUIT. (Plus d’informations à suivre...)

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