The association « Laeken Découverte » aims to :

promote sustainable and inclusive citizen of Laeken by all means contributing in that territory in social cohesion, particularly through the (re) discovery, development and defense of its heritage;

« Laeken Découverte » association offers guided tours for groups upon request about the Royal Greenhouses and the cemetery of Laeken, two highlights that any tourist interested in the royal heritage of Brussels should discover.

2 April - The Brugmann hospital
A cottage hospital, designed by Victor Horta and a masterpiece of Art Deco architect Lacoste

It is known, the site of the Brugmann Hospital (1906-1923) is due to the architect Victor Horta. Known, but confusing for who expects to find there the famous scrolls and lashes of the new art. For the beauty here is another language, quieter, more subtle, an architectural expression whose primary concern is to soften the stay of patients ...

9 April - Cries and whispers
Art Deco, Modernism and Hip Hop culture in the De Wand neighbourhood

Un parcours inédit à travers le quartier résidentiel de Laeken, établi autour de l’ancien hameau De Wand : de pittoresques cités-jardins, mais aussi l’architecture moderniste des années 50 et 60 et la plus grande fresque graffiti d’Europe !

16 April - The Gardener King
The private parks and gardens of Leopold II
19 April - Royal Domain
Royal Greenhouses

The history of the Royal Domain and the Greenhouses wil be explained during the annual opening to the Greenhouses

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