The Brugmann hospital

A cottage hospital, designed by Victor Horta and a masterpiece of Art Deco architect Lacoste

It is known, the site of the Brugmann Hospital (1906-1923) is due to the architect Victor Horta. Known, but confusing for who expects to find there the famous scrolls and lashes of the new art. For the beauty here is another language, quieter, more subtle, an architectural expression whose primary concern is to soften the stay of patients ...

But no need to be hospitalized to enjoy these wonders! The association Laeken discovery now offers guided tours for all ± healthy we are: an exploration of this village health and hygiene, 18 hectares designed by an architect of genius driven by a faith in the comforting progress. The tour provides a look at these pavilions, corridors and gardens, and answer three basic questions:
- The beauty she helps to heal?
- The beauty is reconcilable does with the functional requirement?
- The beauty is it for the rich?

Victor Horta gave an original answer these questions, thanks to its fabulous double talent of a rigorous and scientific approach throughout. Guides discovered in Laeken show any virtue, and the least known aspects and unusual.

As a bonus, visit the Brugmann Hospital will focus on building a lesser known masterpiece of art deco one: the Medical Foundation Queen Elisabeth (1929-1931) by architect Henry Lacoste. A marvel that will exceptionally open its doors to visitors.

This tour is only available in French

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Informations pratiques

- Dates : 22 avril, 22 juillet, 14 octobre
- Rendez-vous : Entrée de l’hôpital, place Van Gehuchten à 14h30
- Durée : 1h30
- Accès : trams 51 & 93, bus 53 & 88 - arrêt « Hôpital Brugmann » (
- Inscription souhaitée par mail via
- Prix : 5 € à partir de 18 ans - paiement sur place

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